About Aquatech Scientific

Established in 2009 by Christopher Diilio, Aquatech Scientific Instruments is a U.S. based business with worldwide sales.

We design and manufacture precision digital weather instruments. Having the ability to fabricate, assemble and test our own instruments gives us great flexibility and control over the entire manufacturing process.

The Vision

Back in 2008 with a passion and love for weather and weather instruments, Chris set out to re-imagine what a barometer and barograph could be. As standard Aneroid barometers only show the current pressure reading and can be difficult to track pressure changes. And aneroid barographs require paper charts and pens. Both aneroid barometers and barographs have many other limitations, including restrictions to maximum elevation, inability to show different pressure formats and susceptibility to vibration.

With a background in programming, electronics, CAD design and as a collector of weather instruments, Chris set out to design a solid state precision barograph barometer with all the features he always wish existed. A year later the DBX1 barograph was released  and it was welcomed with great success. The DBX1 was refined and updated through the years and has a dedicated following.

Recently, we released the DBX2 which built on the success of the DBX1 and incorporated feedback from our valued users, including a newly advanced pressure sensor, a new graphics display and a new forecasting engine.

A.S.I continues to grow as a company and looks forward to releasing many new products.