Aquatech Customer Testimonials

Read our customer testimonials to see what our fans are saying about Aquatech Scientific and our DBX Series digital barographs!

Just wanted to follow up and thank you very much for calling me concerning my questions. As I stated, you have produced a very precise and accurate weather unit. It is at the top of my list as far as accuracy and being precise in weather instruments, with the measurement of barometric pressure, trends and possible weather conditions that are to follow. As I stated, the accuracy is right on par, with my OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL wrist watch. It may be small, but it is a compact, professionally engineered, precise instrument that ranks at the top of other weather instruments, that are currently on the market! AND your Customer Service, and follow-up, is truly professional, and very sincere, in caring for your customers, you have set the trend and foundation, that other companies, will have to look up to and follow up on.

Craig B

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Thanks very much for your prompt emails and responses to my many questions. This made our decision to order the DBX easier and we have not been disappointed at all. It has been tested this weekend with some stormy weather here in Perth and the readings on the DBX1 have matched the readings from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology perfectly. I smirk at those old wall mounted barometers that I remember as a kid. This unit is a precise and accurate instrument and a data logger as well! Very impressed with the technology and customer service. 10/10!

Dave M


I purchased the DBX a few months ago and could not be happier with it. I never have to mess with it as it runs along very consistently. The pressure reading is very accurate and is always in stride with another precision digital barometer I have. I also check both occasionally with my NWS mercurial barometer. The DBX1 has never needed adjusting. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a low-profile and accurate pressure instrument.

Bill E

Loveland, CO, USA

Thank you for introducing this amazing electronic digital barograph! At first, I was skeptical, but I soon came to realize the advanced technology that has been developed by Aquatech, and how VERY well it works! Every home and cottage should invest into one and not rely on weather forecasters today! A great value for your money! This is a WINNER!!

Mark F

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Your service from beginning to end has been exceptional. I have just received my digital barograph. Took 9 days to get to me here in London, which is pretty good considering it wasn’t couriered! I have set it up and had it running for a few hours. At this time it seems to be EXACTLY what I wanted and was looking for. It is extremely well constructed, solid, and professional-looking. Certainly has none of that “made in China” look. It will look great mounted at my navigation station. I also love that the contrast is adjustable. Its a great value unit, and I know I’m going to love having the information it provides as “an extra” on my boat.

Steven S

London, England, UK

The DBX was initially purchased as a Christmas present for my employer who has non-allergic rhinitis. His condition is affected , among other things, by changing barometric pressure and humidity. It is especially helpful to be warned of potential changes to the pressure so that he knows how to counteract its effects or just to know why that “stuffy” feeling is occurring. He can’t get rid of rhinitis, which affects millions of Americans, but with the DBX1 he can help to control it. The staff at Aquatech is so professional and helpful that the ownership experience is doubly enhanced. This purchase was a good decision.

Janet R

Raleigh, NC, USA

A truly exceptional barograph. And I love the fact that you can leave the backlight on when the unit is plugged in. This is the first instrument that I have purchased that actually makes me look forward to bad weather! What a great product. Thank you for the great service and support.

Tom O

Doylestown, PA, USA