DBX2 Series Features – Digital Barograph

The DBX series features consist of a simple to use, low-cost, highly reliable early warning system for detecting low pressure storm systems approaching. Showing a clear one day and a one week weather time barograph image on a well back-lit digital display. The DBX2 digital barometer is a stand-alone unit and requires NO connection to the outside world. The DBX2 barograph is both battery or a/c powered! Each unit is fully tested and calibrated and includes a NIST Test Certificate. See the DBX2 Series Screen Details page and Support page for more information. General applications include: Meteorology, Marine World, Research, the Mining Industry, Cleanrooms, Oil Platforms and Refineries, Laboratories, Medical and Health Related Fields.

Even the best barometer shows only the current pressure, nothing more. Knowing the pressure is like knowing the Dow Jones average for any given moment: we really need to know which way it is heading, and how fast. The DBX2 is a precision digital barometer with graphing, also know as a barograph. Barographs are recording barometers. (1) The DBX2 precision digital barometer displays a (1) day graph and a (1) week graph, making weather changes easy to observe. The DBX2 also shows a trend indicator (up, steady, or down) and the rate of change ( steady, slow, medium, or fast). And since changes in pressure generally precede new weather, the DBX2 precision digital barometer can help us “see” what’s coming.

dbx series features

As an example, rising pressure most often indicates clearing and cooler, where as falling pressure usually points to warmer, more cloudy, and possible precipitation. A rapidly falling pressure is almost always accompanied by a storm with high wind conditions. And a rapidly rising pressure is almost always accompanied by higher winds and clearing conditions. An unchanging pressure means continuing conditions and little wind. The crest or trough of a pressure curve most often indicates a change of wind direction. See the graphs and their meanings on the Screen Details page! The DBX2 monitors these changes for you and indicates warnings when necessary!

With these forecasting tips you can use the DBX2 precision digital barometer as your first line of defense against oncoming weather.


DBX2 Firmware Version 2.0.0:

  • High precision Bosch Pressure Transducer Accuracy ±0.25 mb/hPa
  • Each unit is fully calibrated and includes a NIST Test Report
  • New High Contrast 128X64 Blue Backlite Graphics Screen
  • Onboard Temperature Included For Pressure Conversion
  • Multiple Pressure Formats: Mb, inHg, mmHg, Psi, H20, Atm, Pas
  • Pressure Modes: Local, Sea, User
  • Display All Pressure Formats At Once In Realtime
  • One Day and One Week Pressure Graphs
  • New User Interface With Improvements Throughout
  • Brand New Forecast Screen With Several Indicators
  • New 24 Hour Forecast Based On Graph Analysis
  • New Gust Front Detection Which Often Indicates A Possible Thunderstorm
  • New Chance Of Precipitation Based On Graph Analysis
  • New Wind Speed Meter Based On Barometric Conditions
  • New (Fi) Forecast Index Meter – Excellent For Gauging Current Conditions
  • New Day Graph Shows High And Low Pressure With Full Decimal Display
  • New Week Graph Shows High And Low Pressure With Full Decimal Display
  • New “1 Hr Change” On The (1) Day Graph With Full Decimal Display
  • New “4 Hr Change” On The (1) Week Graph With Full Decimal Display
  • New Sea Stats Shows Record Highs And Lows With Full Decimal Display
  • New Sea Stats Shows Pressure Differences With Full Decimal Display
  • Audible barograph warning for large pressure changes
  • Rate of Rise and Drop, unit displays: Steady, Slow, Medium, Rapid
  • Pressure Direction Indicator: Rising, Falling, Steady
  • Lock on one screen or the unit can auto sequence through all screens
  • Barograph operates at altitudes up to 12,000 ft / 3658 m
  • Forecast Alerts And Warnings
  • One Day High And Low Pressures
  • One Week High And Low Pressures
  • All-time Record High And Low Pressures
  • User settable threshold alert
  • One Button backlight on/off
  • Ability to Set a User Defined Pressure
  • Display Unit Information and Stats
  • Easy To Change Preferences
  • Anodized aluminum barograph case
  • A/C power wall adapter 9v (included)
  • DC input voltage up to 15.0v for use with marine crafts
  • Barograph dimensions 5.0″ x 4.0″ x 1.2″ (120mm x 78mm x 43mm)
  • Ability To Turn Audible Alert On Or Off
  • Barograph designed and manufactured in the USA
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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Check out each screen with a full explanation on the Screen Details and more on the Specifications pages. We also have an FAQ and welcome your questions on our Support page.

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