NIST DBX2 Flush Mount Black


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DBX2 Flush Mount Black model with black anodized aluminum case and Blue LCD display. Unit includes power adapter or wiring harness, Full product manual and NIST test report.

Aquatech Scientific Instruments (ASI) is proud to introduce our new DBX2 precision pressure indicator. It's a Storm Warner / Fair Weather Alert device for use in multiple applications including meteorology, forecasting, research, and manufacturing.

Key Features of the DBX2 include: A large easy to read graphics display, A high-end Bosch Pressure sensor with onboard temperature conversion, Precision milled anodized aluminum case, Two power connectors with support for main and battery backup power. Five push button interface with backlight control. Supports multiple units of measure: mb, inHg, mmHg, psi, h20, atm, pas. Includes a one Day Graph and a one Week Graph with the ability to display multiple formats at once. Display customization's, New Forecasting screen, Audible, and visual alerts and warnings. Display Sea, local, and User definable pressures. Records High and low Pressures for day, week and record. Samples pressure every second. Ability to add new features through the unit's upgradable firmware.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1.2 in
Power Configuration

Australia Power Wall Adapter, European Power Wall Adapter, U.K. Power Wall Adapter, U.S. Power Wall Adapter, Wiring Harness and Voltage Regulator

Test Configuration

NIST Tested w/Report [+$120], Standard Calibration (included)


  • High precision Bosch Pressure Transducer Accuracy ±0.25 mb/hPa
  • Each unit is fully calibrated and includes a NIST Test Report
  • New High Contrast 128X64 Blue Backlite Graphics Screen
  • Onboard Temperature Included For Pressure Conversion
  • Multiple Pressure Formats: Mb, inHg, mmHg, Psi, H20, Atm, Pas
  • One Day and One Week Pressure Graphs
  • New (Fi) Forecast Index Meter


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